Story of HCP FORUM

How and why HCP Forum is created?


Critical Care Medicine Specialists (also called intensivists) are doctors who specialize in the care of people who are very ill and have to spend maximum time in an Intensive Care Unit ICU. This is a very crucial medical field when it comes to dealing with emergency situations. To deal with the same, a platform was created by two experts, Dr Sudhir Khuntea and Dr Manish Munjal, named the Critical Care People CCP.

It was a well-riveted network which was at its niche formulated, to bring together all the intensivists under the same roof, providing them with a unified platform to share their ideas along with innovations in their very own field of critical care. At its inception, the idea was to bind all the intensivists, forming a coordinated network with an objective to enhance the quality and outcome of critical care practice.

With this target in mind around 6000 specialists joined the network over a period of 8 years with aspirations to converge and shape their thoughts, developing a coordinated environment for the specialists, helping them with their practice and sharing experience every day. 

This extravagant response received by the CCP further led to the formation of the HCPForum, providing a colossal structure to the preventive managers of acute care to collaborate with their co-workers globally in an extensive manner, from varied specialities, discussing medical insights through a secured platform. It is this network that aims to promote and propagate successful healthcare practices through continuing medical education. 

Needless to say, it has been developed to provide a competent base for the medical fraternity and experts to exchange their ideas and achievements in their respective specialities, helping with their reach further, improving medical outcome with each passing day.